Lahori Church Street

Lahori church street inspired by the age old tastes of the city of Lahore in central Punjab , offering authentic Pakistani & Indian cuisine within the heart of London.

For the past decade at the Church Street , we have been well known for our famous cuisine, spices and original flavours. We provide a blend of traditional taste in a modern setting.

Our Menu is traditionally set and provides mouth-watering dishes of the city of Lahore , such as karahi lamb and chicken karahi dishes are perfectly pickled in traditional Punjabi spices. Particularly, delicious is the dark, pungent sticky lamb chops rubbed with black pepper and chillies, the outside deeply charred, the meat still pink.

Our original Tarka Daal burst with smoky garlic, fried onions, cumin, red chilli and ghee and not to forget the vegetarian dishes such as Matter and Palak paneer which are perfectly blended with original spices and are presented in the traditional Lahori Style.

The space is styled with a modern-chic taste with famous truck art and some Lahori touches . Come dine with us in a family friendly environment and savour the traditional tastes of our food .


Lahori Restaurant is the place where you can delightfully satiate your taste buds.